“Abuse” is a word that is thrown around a lot in casual conversion; but what defines abuse? How does one know if they are committing abuse or if they are being abused? The abuse definition is actually quite simple. According to the Gale Encyclopaedia of Medicine, the definition of abuse is the following:

Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person.

In short, someone who purposefully harms another in any way is committing abuse. There are many kinds of abuse encountered by adults, including: physical, psychological, sexual, verbal, financial, spiritual and emotional.

Getting abused is the most traumatic life experience and recurring abuse can leave you as an empty shell of a human being.

Those who have never been in an abusive relationship, cannot comprehend how difficult it is for a victim to leave a narcissistic partner or cut ties with a toxic family member. We hold on because of a shimmering hope of a better future or fearing social repercussions. To cope with our situation, some choose the path of addiction.


  • They are Hyper-Critical or Judgmental Towards You.
  • They Ignore Boundaries or Invade Your Privacy.
  • They are Possessive and/or Controlling.
  • They are Manipulative.
  • They Often Dismiss You and Your Feelings.


Watch out for anyone who has abused you in the past. If avoiding contact with this person is not possible, then avoid spending time alone with the person. Ask a friend or family member to accompany you whenever you have to spend time around the abuser.  Stay away from anyone who has threatened you in such a way!

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