Lovers Quarrel Regular‘ve read & heard it all before:

  • downplay the eye makeup if lips are bold and red;
  • or play up the eyes & keep the lips nude.

Nude? As nearly naked as you can catch me on my art, I am not about to pucker up in a makeup that is formulated to look natural.  For me, it’s a painted black liner, and ombre lip pencil with a swipe of matte lipstick. Just as the true laws of nature intended.

I like to believe that Im sucker for beauty, the same way im sucker for seeing the nature’s twilight, heavy rain storms or finding new exciting book to read. I see so much power in it, thats why my goal is to find or create it in my everyday life!

Beauty is my art, its something that always gives me some kind of feeling. It’s my nourishment, my salvation. It is what brings me joy. 

Beauty, glamour, even luxury don’t need to be determined by one’s bank account. True luxury is using the silk robe or pretty teacups every single day. I’ll always take a secondhand over fast fashion. A beautiful thing doesn’t  have to be new or even particularly valuable or precious, as long as it is something You personally value.

I have always been the weird one in my family who buys an outfit and uses it 5 different ways. At first they always laugh about the ideas, but then been WOWED about the outcome. Thats how my brain works, I love weird ways and doing it myself is matter of integrity and pride. I look forward to stepping out into the world and honestly stating. ”Yes I did this.” I love the confidence it gives me. Truth is, it is also so much more joy to put your own energy inside some kind of craft!

Why would I deny myself such pure pleasure? Why would You ?

Dear reader, we’re in this together. Let’s find & make our own beauty mark in this world. Cause this life is about living as Our most authentic, empowered self. If this is what the world calls being eccentric beauty, so be it!

Ruthie Regular