Metallic drip trend!

Three years ago I discovered make-up series, called Glam Masters. During this period, the show had just come out. Episode after episode I felt, how it gave me a lot of inspiration to see how great makeup artists work.

At that time, I wasn’t sure yet:

  • Am I a dedicated makeup artist?
  • As an amateur, could I handle such a show?

Today i feel, Yes, now it’s my turn! Now it’s my turn to participate and accept this challenge.

Let’s start the first episode with the first task, which is a metallic drip effect.



I am writing an informative article for you, that contains:

  • Preliminary work
    1) What products do you need?
    2) DIY metallic paint creation
  • Workflow
    1) Where to start?
    2) What to consider?
    3) Mistakes I made
  • The result!

Preliminary work



  1. Loose color pigment, with metallic luster;
    (An alternative: pressed eyeshadow)
  2. Mixing medium
    (An alternative: water)
  3. Mixing tray
    (An alternative: powder cover)
  4. Spatula
    (An alternative: teaspoon handles)
Necessary tools!

DIY metallic paint creation

1. Pour a small amount of mixing medium onto the mixing tray.
2. Take a small amount of pigment with a spatula and mix it with the medium.
3. Here is the result!


Getting started

Choose the right eyeshadow primer for you.
(As an alternative: concealer)

I chose the black eyeshadow primer, to achieve maximum effect, Then, attach the black shadow.
Filled the bottom waterline with black liner.
Applied a thin layer of mascara.
Applied the previously prepared mixture to the brush
I applied the product, in the desired shape.

To be considered

a) If you plan to make a darker eye, then start with eye makeup. Why? Because the eyeshadow can fall on the cheek, and it is more difficult to hide – clean later.

b) Always start with clean brushes. Doing so will ensure the best results.

c) When the makeup is ready, clean your brushes. By doing this, you will keep the quality of your brushes.

Important information: dirty brushes collect bacteria, bacteria multiply on dirty brushes, and then the results can be skin problems.


I recommend preparing the DIY mixture just before applying it to the eyes, as the mixture begins to dry immediately on contact with air.

Here is my result!


It took 55 minutes (I started with a facial cleanser and I finished with photoshoot). 

I hope you found something new or interesting. If you have any questions, I’m here for You!

With love + respect,


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