Narcissistic-What is it

Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

Narcissists are people who have a very limited range of emotions. They cannot empathise with others and often have a hyped-up sense of self. Narcissists are only worried about their own well-being and have no qualms about using people for their shallow interests.

Becoming a narcissist’s victim can be one of the most painful experiences in life. Hence, understanding the mind of a narcissist becomes very important if you want to identify and safeguard yourself from such individuals.

When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.

Narcissistic-how to improve it

Narcissistic tendencies can improve with support from a compassionate, trained therapist. If you choose to remain in a relationship someone dealing with these issues, it’s essential to work with your own therapist to establish healthy boundaries and develop resilience.

Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder:

  • Grandiose sense of self-importance.
  • Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur.
  • Needs constant praise and admiration.
  • Sense of entitlement.
  • Exploits others without guilt or shame.
  • Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others.

You will never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.

First you have to educate yourself. Find out more about the disorder. It can help you understand the narcissist’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to handle them better. Secondly you should create a list of specific boundaries. Also be extra clear about your own boundaries. & lastly speak up for yourself, when you need something, be clear and concise!

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