Romantic relationship

Romantic relationship: Defined as mutual, ongoing and voluntary interactions between two partners that is characterised by specific expressions of affection and intimacy.

Romance is the magic potion that revitalises our lives. It makes us dream of a happily ever after filled with nothing but sunshine and laughter. Sometimes we get to spend our lives with our one true love. Sometimes we part ways, but still, keep the light on for them. Other times, the hurt is too deep and we have no choice but to move on and hope for a new start, with a new love.

Different Types of Romantic Relationships:

romantic relationship -how to improve it

Spend Time Apart   

It sounds counterintuitive as a way to improve your relationship, but take a break from your partner. Everyone needs their own space and quality time outside a relationship. Dating and marriage counselors remind us that you deserve that breathing room.

Go to Sleep at the Same Time

For a healthier relationship, head to bed at the same time. There are night owls and early birds who live on different schedules, and then there are those who work in bed while the other is watching Netflix in another room. Whatever the situation, synchronize your bedtimes.

Be Vulnerable

Sometimes you have to dig deep to be vulnerable. Couples may find it surprising, but if each one becomes curious about one’s own blind spots, discovers them, and then is courageous enough to share that vulnerability, it can help create deeper intimacy,

Create Novel Experiences

Although eating your favourite pizza every Saturday night and incorporating rituals in your life strengthens relationships, boredom does creep in. Therefore, you should shake things up—pepper your routine with unpredictable date nights and moments of fun.

Surprise With Little Things

Small gestures keep the spark alive and remind your partner you are thinking about them. Happy couples are kind to each other. Giving or volunteering to help out is a plus. In fact, acts of kindness are powerful, and those that are unplanned tend to fuel overall well-being.

romantic relationship -why to do it

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